Removing – deletion of any information from the internet

We remove information. Safely.

Affordable Price.
Pay for Result.
Pay for
Pay for Result.
No Risk of Confidentiality Breach.
No Risk of
Digital Sharks Removing.
Which Site Do You Need Help With? Can’t find the site you need? Tell us about it. We remove from that site too, most likely.
and 99+ more
Removing statistics.
We've removed
2,032 links
as of December 23, 2019
Set Up for Success
Technologies We use our proprietary IT instruments, psychology, and law.
Negotiations We are the pros of conflictology and mediation.
A bit of magic.
A bit of magic No kidding.
Try us to be inspired and come again.

See For Yourself What We Offer


  • ❌ Highly Expensive
  • ❌ Takes Much Longer
  • ❌ No Guarantees
  • ❌

    Risk of disclosure The Streisand effect

  • ✅ Safe and Confidential
  • ✅ More Affordable
  • ✅ Fast and Urgent
  • ✅ Lifetime Guarantee
  • ✅ Pay for Results Only
  • ✅ Personal Expert Guidance


  • ❌ Highly Expensive
  • ❌ Takes Much Longer
  • ❌ No Guarantees
  • ❌

    Risk of disclosure The Streisand effect


  • ❌ Risk of Confidentiality Breach
  • ❌ Risk of Third Parties Involvement
  • ❌ No Guarantees

Most Trusted by Clients

Digital Sharks 4.8 star. star. star. star. star.

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Michael Bang photo.

Michael Bang

star. star. star. star. star. 2 months ago

Amigo, It was very nice meeting you guys! I like your product and the service you are giving to your clients - its very needed for many of them.

Michael Schmit photo.

Michael Schmit

star. star. star. star. star. A month ago

I got answers I was looking for. The expert got in touch with me and reassured that all was safe. I knew that what needed to remain confidential stayed that way. Thanks a lot!

Laura Banks photo.

Laura Banks

star. star. star. star. star. 3 weeks ago

These people solve your problems for real. It didn’t cost me much for the service I received.

Pay only for results
Pay For Results Only We will pay you back if the link is not removed. But it has never happened before.
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